Chrome extensions not transferring to Flareget

I have some skill with computers but also major deficits in other areas. I can't seem to get Flareget Pro to work with Chrome except using certain links (i.e. from filesharing sites), the extensions I have to download video don't work with it. I'm not good enough with developer to find the link to the actual video I'm trying to download either, I've managed once or twice but that's all so far.

The add-on's I use with Firefox are virtually identical to the Chrome ones I have, and the Firefox ones transfer just fine.

Are there any recommendations? The extension is enabled in Chrome, Flareget settings are checked, I know it works because some filesharing sites will activate it.

If there is just an extension for Chrome that works with Flareget that would solve all my problems I believe. I have Flash Video Downlaoder and Video DownloadHelper. If I was just a bit better with code I could grab the links myself, but alas, as I said, I suck with stuff like that.

Any help at all would be appreciated.


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