FlareGet Pro Version 4.2.92 not stable with me

Hello Flareget Support team

I have updated my FlareGet Pro Version 4.2.92.
Unfortunately after 7-10 downloads; FlareGet don't work anymore. When I click on download the browser will down load it instead of FlareGet. I tried many time to click download but I doesn't work.
The only solution is to reboot the windows (7) then FlareGet will work. then again after 7-10 downloads it won't respond anymore and the browser will download the file instead of FlareGet.
I hope you can solve this problem.
Note: I didn't face this issue on the previous versions.

I look forward to hearing form you soon.

Ahmed Al-Bahdoor.

Also I face a lot of "no responding" issue :(


  • Thanks for reporting. Will look into the issue soon.
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